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10 Types of Business Videos

Want to know how at are the best types of videos to make for your business? Here are 10 different video examples you can start incorporating into your business today!!!

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Creating videos for your business is the key to absolutely dominating your competition and industry! Hands-down it’s the best way to go!

If you are reading this article, you know... you know that need to start making content for your business. the truth is the business owner who makes content for their business wins.

Content is king, right? Video can be expensive to make, and it can take forever to create the video you want to share with your audience. So I get it making a video can be a daunting task right? But there are millions of videos uploaded online every day.

How do you start? My friend, it's time to figure out how you can take hold of the powerful tool of content marketing.

But there are millions of videos being uploaded online every day. How do you start? My friend, it's time to figure out how you can take hold of the powerful tool of content marketing.

Don't get left behind its time to act.

Don't be afraid, I believe in you, as Shiloh Buff says "Just DO IT"!!!

Here are 10 Types of Videos you can start crafting for your business today. If you add these videos your traffic will increase to your website over time.

Sounds too good to be true?

Not at all, sure there is a learning curve, but you don't want easy right? You want breakthrough you want results. Knowing that you need video is not enough.

You need to make sure you are creating video content that has a specific goal and purpose. The more focused the goal the better chances you have for results. Okay, let's blow this Popsicle stand and get things started.

1. Webinar and Screen Capture Videos

I say screen capture and webinar because they can be used as one and the same. Screen capture content is easy to produce and all you need is a computer to start making videos. If you add live or recorded webinars to this option you'll incredible results in your web converting efforts. Many screen capture software comes with basic editing as well which is a plus.

Like I was saying all you need is a computer to get started, you can literally sit at your computer wearing nothing but your undees and a snuggie. How easy does that sound? Content for business could never be easier. Just click, record, edit, and upload, and you are good to go.

Zoom is a great and easy way to host a webinar for a new audience be sure to click the link here to check them out.

2. Social media video.

Probably the most popular type of video is Social Media video. These types of videos can be created and uploaded on several different platforms and formats. Video has become the most popular medium for any platform online - most people think of Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. However, when it comes to long-form videos I would suggest YouTube because of its power for discoverability.

Since more and more popular watch videos on mobile phones, I would suggest adding captions to your videos as well so you can maximize exposure for your business.

Here are popular social video formats: (need pictures)

3. Content Marketing Videos

“Content is king“… You know the phrase, many of us of heard it. In other words, if you are not creating consistent content for your business it’s very easy to get lost like dust in the wind in the grand massive world of marketing.

There is no better way to establish yourself as an industry authority than using highly targeted educational content for your business. I’m not just talking about making one video, I’m talking about making weekly videos. Using that old powerful word called “consistency“.

Consistent content marketing videos are a sure way to establish yourself as a powerhouse within your industry. This is why as I mentioned before YouTube is such a powerful platform because of its discoverability characteristics that are found within the platform.

4. Explainer Videos

We’ve all seen those types of videos, you know the ones that for lack of a better word explain something and communicate a specific concept of some kind. These are known as “explainer videos“.

These types of videos are excellent ways to not only propose your business but just like everything else they establish you as content and authority within your industry. Videos like this that are highly targeted not only generate thousands if not millions of free views and traffic, but with the proper targeting you can actually go back and target the audiences who watch your videos.

Now that’s not powerful I do not know what it is!!!

5. Demo video

Have you heard of the phrase don’t tell me to show me? In some sort of way, I guess you could describe that as a demo video, something that illustrates and shows the functionality of a particular technique and/or product. These types of videos can often be intertwined with an explainer video because both can go hand-in-hand depending on the type of content you are trying to produce.

6. Client testimonials

There’s nothing more powerful than your story… Wrong… There’s nothing more powerful than the story that other people have to say about you. This is the simple yet often neglected client testimonial. More often than not the reason people choose to go with you is that somebody they know and trust recommended your business and service to them or which is almost just as good you have hundreds if not thousands of client testimonials.

Having the ability to grab your client testimonials and turn them into videos of people sharing how your business and service has impacted and changed their life is worth so much more than its weight in gold.

7. Training videos

If you have more than five employees and you have a specific set of systems that you used to scale your business and company, then I can think of nothing better than to produce training videos within your business.

Not only will the videos help clearly define the parameters and systems that you’ve worked so hard to establish, but these videos also help you establish the coveted word known as “automation”.

No longer do you have to individually train employees, why waste the time when a video or a series of videos can do it.

9. Presentation and event videos

If you’re hosting or are a guest and a special event where you are seen as an expert within your field these are the types of videos for you.

There’s nothing more powerful than having an incredible event with advocates for your product, program, and/or service. These videos are especially powerful if you can combine them with Client and customer testimonials at the actual event itself.

10. Mini clip video

These types of videos have evolved over the years with the wave of content that comes from TickTock and Instagram and other social media platforms. What I like to do with these kinds of videos is actually take long-form videos that you may have had on YouTube or other platforms and break those longer videos into small mini clips. In no way you can think of it as spreading content seasoning across your entire array of social media and Internet dishes.

For people who have possibly the attention span of a goldfish, there’s nothing better for them in to entice them with a captivating Miniclip or short-form video that is less than 30 seconds.

On top of that, if you combine this with Text and close captioning, people can watch your videos on their phones without even clicking the audio button. This will not only increase your view count, but it will also dramatically improve your engagement with new fans in customers.

Thank you so much for reading this awesome blog it is a pleasure to create these types of pieces of content for you. If you would like to watch some of my videos or continue to follow me online be sure to click the button below and subscribe to my email list where we can stay in constant contact. This allows me to ensure that I’m in I’m serving you to the best of my abilities :-)

As a bonus content here are a few other types of videos that I consider to be honorable mentions, because they are growing in popularity for businesses and entrepreneurs who want to expand upon the power of their stories.

Vlog videos:

These videos are fairly easy to produce especially if you have a full-time videographer working for your company.

When these videos are properly targeted they can be extremely effective in building your tribe and Fanbase.

Product Documentaries:

Do you have a product or service that you believe can change the world?

Then I would suggest nothing more than a feature or 30 to 60-minute product documentary showcasing the story behind the story of how your business came to be. People love this stuff especially when you add a little handy-dandy item and it’s known as “drama “.

These types of videos are longer form and take much more time to produce but when executed and targeted well they can be extremely effective for your PR and company brand. Side Note: if you would like to see a powerful documentary that raises awareness about human trafficking check this link out.

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