Love Worth It All

Love is it worth it all???

What would you give?

How far would you go?

Is it really worth all the hassle

These are questions we all ask

All the wondering if it's really worth the trouble

I can't take the hurt

I can take the pain It will leave a mark

Maybe even a blood stain

What would you give?

How far would you go?

It is really worth the hassle?

This is love we all desire

We all crave it deep inside

Burning like a wildfire

Yet none of us willing to go the distance

I can't take the pain I can't take the hurt

We all want to have love

Yet none of us willing to go first

What if I am rejected?

How painful it will be

Leaving a wound sure to be infected

But my friend stop and take listen

It is not from love you speak out

But from fear you see If you live this way

You can never truly be free

For true love is light

An Ember of divine intervention

Nothing can stop it you see

For love is the person which all things are from It gave before it was asked to give

Laying down life So you and I could live

So when asked if it's worth the hassle?

To the fearless, say yes

For love will cast it all down It will be worth it

For those who give it will receive their mighty crown.

I am a creative film producer and filmmaker who aspires to create content which inspires and tells an amazing story.