Human Trafficking In America

Human trafficking and human sex trafficking in America is the greatest humans rights issue of our time. Not only that it is the second-largest criminal activity in the United States. According to California Center for Public Policies, there are an estimated 27 million modern-day slaves that exist in our world today. Of the crimes reported in California for human trafficking, 80% of the victims are domestic girls US girls born right here in the United States.

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Of all the human trafficking cases, sex trafficking represents over 79% of all cases, it is the highest form of exploitation by far, and 50% of exploitations take place under 18 years of age. Not only that but after the age of entry is around 14 to 15 years of age. So with such frightening and real statistics why is this not being talked about more???

Well, the truth of the matter is we have become a culture distracted, the digital world, our lives are often run a 2 by 4-inch devices we like to keep in our pockets. But in order for us to be a part of the solution and not the problem we have to make a change and begin to pay attention to a crime that affects us all. This is a crime that affects every neighborhood in America no matter one's race, culture, religious upbringing, or social-economic status.

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This is the greatest human rights issue of our time lets be a part of the solution together.